Jerry Lee Lewis Shocks Fans With Unexpected ‘Old Rugged Cross’ Performance

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Jerry Lee Lewis is considered to be the iconic singer and songwriter who has been famous since the height of his career in the 1950s. Although Jerry is now eighty years old, he is still known as one of the most famous and well-known rocks in the world. He is sometimes called “Murderer” by his monics. He is often referred to as the first and only wild man in rock and roll history.

Despite its many wild activities and uniquely dramatic stage entertainment, Jerry Lee Lewis will always be remembered as a pioneer in the rockabilly and rock and roll genres. In 1956, he recorded his first album at the well-known recording studio Sun Records.

His singing career spanned more than a few decades and he was able to create a loyal fan base that spread across many different generations. Jerry has a long list of hits and parades. He has become a well-known name, which must remain relevant for many generations to come.

Jerry is eighty years old, but from time to time he often comes into the spotlight. 1997 He was once invited to The Monday Night Concerts. The show was hosted by renowned host Ricky Skags. During the interview, Ricky asked Lewis about the first song he had ever learned on the piano.

The old man had to take a few minutes to fully discuss the matter. After all, he had learned the piano from a very, very early age. After a few seconds of thoughtful meditation, Jerry announced that “The Old Rough Cross” was his first song he had learned on the piano.

The audience applauded and gladly accepted the choice of the iconic song. The Old Rugged Cross is a popular anthem written by evangelist George Benard in 1912. Many find the song inspiring and wonderful. Jerry Lee Lewis is clearly one of those people who can take the meaning of a song seriously.

Hearing and seeing everyone present applaud with excitement, it was clear that Jerry felt the urge to sing. Skags was inspired by the impeccable and moving performance. He gave Jerry the stage and let the rock and roll icon catch everyone’s attention.

The crowd was silent until Jerry finished the song. The amazing performance drove Skags and the whole audience. Without any preparation or experimentation, Jerry Lynn Lewis was able to present an iconic and moving performance that is still talked about and discussed.

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