Woman Who Spent 9 Months Preparing For Baby Girl Discovers She Was Very Wrong

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When Kim Gillie was pregnant with her second child, the mother of California had some strangely sensitive feelings about pregnancy. Gili gave birth naturally in her own home, and everything seemed to be going smoothly until she reached that crucial moment.

Throughout her pregnancy, Gill was almost certain that she was going to give birth to a baby girl. She and her husband, Travis, spent nine months preparing for their daughter’s birthday and choosing names.

During Gili’s natural birth in July, the mother could not believe it when she looked after her newborn baby.

“I just looked between his legs and was expecting something completely different. I was shocked. “I was just shocked,” he told Inside Edition. “We had girls ‘favorite names, we were discussing girls’ names.”

Gili really believed that she had given birth to a girl. The surprised expression on her face was when she discovered that she had a son. The moment of surprise was recorded by photographer Susanna Gill. Gill later posted the photo on her Instagram account and described the shocking event on her blog, the Santa Cruz Family Doula Collective.

“After dreaming and imagining about everyone, but for months we felt so strong that we had another girl, this is the moment when we discovered Theo’s gender,” he said.

Gill had previously had an abortion with a little girl named Hazel. After the abortion, they wanted to unexpectedly find out the sex of their baby.

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