A photographer visited an abandoned mongolian tribe. These pictures are crazy!

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The “Dukha” people are a Mongol tribe among the cultures that people thought had disappeared centuries ago.

With globalization, modernization, and a growing world population, we tend to think that these races no longer exist. However, this nomadic tribe has been able to live in the same area for centuries. In the meantime, he has created an amazing and unusual relationship with the animals that live around them, the relationship is a little hard to believe if you do not see it with your own eyes.

Fortunately, one photographer was able to fully document the breed, and these stunning pictures clearly show what a special relationship they have with animals. Hamid Sardar-Afhamyan visited a missing tribe and recorded an amazing fact, an impressive and very, very rare thing.

Kids learn how to tame the northern deer from an early age

The deer are relaxed and calm animals, even with the kids.

This girls gets ready to wash a deer cub

The Dukha People are also known as TSAATAN- meaning ‘Deer shepherd’

Today there are about 44 families left in the Dukha tribe, about 200-400 population. The deer population also began to shrink.

Dukha’s livelihood comes mainly from tourists. People visit and pay for shows, artwork and, of course, deer trips.

They also train wolves!

Dukha people hunt small animals like rabbits

They also train wild birds like the golden hawk who help them hunting

Hunting Hunting Hunting Hunting is considered extremely difficult and dangerous to hunt. Those who can do so are especially respected by the entire race.

The Dukha people believe they have a spiritual bond with the animals

This connection makes them feel at home in nature and connected with their culture or the external influence that is growing day by day.

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