8-year-old green thumb starts his own gardening business to help struggling mom pay the bills

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However, 8-year-old Aaron Moreno lived with his family in Eastern LA. This child had to do business to be able to move to another apartment with his family and help his sister reunite with his family.

“I feel happier and happier because we will no longer have to fight as hard as before,” Aronian told ABC 7. “I am very happy, because I can already help my mother in every issue.”

Aaron began selling plants in Aaron Garden in June to help pay for the bills after his mother lost her job due to the epidemic. At the same time, the ceo compensation of the 350 best companies started to grow by 18.9% and averaged up to $ 24.2 million.

Aaron was living in a small space at their relative’s house.

Click the video below to hear more about Aaron’s Garden!

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