Mom hears daughter play piano for the list time after secretly learning behind her back for months

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Her reaction got me! most parents enroll their kids in music school to learn how to play an instrument.

It can simply be considered ideal that children grow up and love the instrument they play and are able to master quite well. However, there are some children who do not shine so much in this area. Some were even more upset at the thought of music school.

Other children are willing to learn, but the parents cannot afford the lessons.

Parents who are somehow aware of how to play one or two instruments become their child’s first teacher. Unlike them, others support them by acquiring secondary instruments, music sheets and a number of other possible links. And huh! We now have a YouTube social platform so it will be easier and more productive for kids to learn on their own.

While does who go to music school have an edge, doing self-study is no less.

Their parents were also shocked and surprised and wished that they should play more. Parents should always encourage and inspire their children when they begin to play an instrument to learn and support them during their journey.

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