Unapologetically goofy Belgian Malinois fails service dog school

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A dog training school, known as Double H Canine Academy, located in Louisville, Kentucky, is a place that trains unrestrained pets. Here the trainers do their best to turn the little pets into fantastic service dogs.

However, one of their trainees, a goofy Belgian Malinois, Ryker, managed to fail the school test as he did not believe in following orders. Nevertheless, the adorable dog was living the best days of his life.

All the other dogs at the academy followed the trainer’s instructions. But Ryker had his own hilarious plan to entertain his humans. Ryker was extraordinarily energetic and was awestruck by the walking crutch. He wanted to play with it while his trainer desperately wanted him to learn how to walk beside him.

Ryker easily got distracted while his human trainer, who sat in a wheelchair, wanted the dog to guide him through the area with the leash in his hand. The poor guy literally fell and could not help laughing.

The wheelchair made the Malinois go crazy. He was fascinated with it to the point where he bit the wheels and dragged it around like a toy. But unfortunately, the dog was in no mood to learn new skills.

The poor dog just wanted to play. When Ryker was leashed onto the refrigerator, he moved the whole thing as if he was helping the trainer get the item to its proper place. A tennis ball on the walker distracted the poor fellow, and fetching the water bottle was too harsh a job for the cute Malinois.

He mopped the floor at a thundering speed & was interested in his trainer’s cap rather than performing the tasks given to him. Most importantly, Ryker always preferred the seat on top of the cabinets, making him look like the tallest dog. This canine definitely was a family dog who would keep his humans entertained for a lifetime.

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