Eye-popping wood carving in seven minutes

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This talented and amazing woodworker showcased all his incredible and unimaginable skills with this wood carving from ‘Attack on Titan’.

A woodworker in Vietnam managed to create a jaw-dropping sign depicting an iconic scene during the Attack on Titan show.

Starting with a large block of uneven and seemingly unfit wood, the skilled and experienced artist cut out significant and prominent sections before using chisels and fine saws to carve out all the details.

Working for just two months, he first drew the design, then cut out the lines, constantly drawing and engraving as the image gradually began to take shape.

The entire project was expertly filmed throughout almost the entire process and presented as a dynamic seven-minute time-lapse video.

From start to finish, it was obvious that this artist loves what he does – and he was able to create an eye-popping sculpture that people will be talking about for years to come.

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