2-year-old girl helps a sick and dying shelter dog recover

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Scarlett was a pit bull who lived inside a doghouse at an animal shelter. His body was constantly shaking, his body smelled dirty and disgusting, he had a runny nose. One day Avdra Spurio arrived at the shelter with her daughter Gigi, nicknamed G. was: He was looking for a female friend for a girl.

Scarlett’s skin was inflamed with mange, and her swollen feet were also infected with staph. The dying Pit Bull lived alone in that cage. Gigi pointed to the Pit Bull and said. “Mom, that one!”

The shelter hadn’t given the poor dog a name. Scarlett was named after Audra. Gigi simply wanted to spend all her time at the animal shelter with Scarlett. He asked his mother to let the dog go because he needed help. When they tried to get Scarlett out, the poor dog panicked and refused to walk with them.

Gigi took the carcass and was very patient and caring towards the dog. The little girl and the Pit Bull developed an unbreakable bond. There was no way the dog would let Gigi out of his sight. They explored the garden together and entered the dog house together.

Gigi wiped her eyes on Scarlett’s apron and ran her nose through her clothes. He kept looking at Audra and said that the dog is seriously ill and needs help. The little girl also gave Scarlett hugs, kisses and purses.

The innocent girl could care less about how bad the dog smelled. The poor dog began to shake uncontrollably when Scarlett was placed back in the cage. However, Gigi refused to leave his side. He kept telling his mother that the dog was sick and needed help. Eventually, after repeated attempts by Gigi, Audra suddenly decided to adopt Scarlett.

When Pit Bull got home, he started to feel a little better. However, he never let Gigi suddenly leave his sight. Instead, they played with balloons, sat in the back seat of the car and shared flippers.

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