At 77 she sold half of her stuff to live in a “senior approved” tiny home

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Penny is 77 years old and lives in her small house, which she calls “Silver Girl”. He likes the small and simple lifestyle of the house and frees half of his possessions to prepare for the move. The interior of his house is natural pine, which creates a nice warm atmosphere.

There were two large windows in the living room, which Penny loved to open on nice days. The Silver Girl also had plenty of LED lighting to help with energy efficiency. Penny said she paid about twenty dollars a month for electricity, including the heating system.

One of the most essential features for Penny was having a full-size sink so she could keep up with the dishes she uses daily. She also has several kitchen appliances and a standard refrigerator to cook her meals.

Penny has added many personal touches to her tiny home to make it her own. Little details like a bathroom mirror she crafted herself and stained glass pieces in the windows show her personality.

Her first-floor bedroom has high ceilings, extra storage under the bed, and a huge window. The pine walls and natural light create a stunning style perfect for Penny while she reads and listens to the radio.

Penny has added many personal touches to her tiny home to make it her own. She has a mirror she crafted herself many years ago hanging in the bathroom and stained glass pieces placed in the windows to keep the natural light.

Like many tiny homes, Silver Girl also has a loft which Penny uses for a second mattress and a treadmill for her dog. She cannot use the loft because of her age and mobility issues and is looking forward to moving into a tiny home that does not have a loft. Even if she can’t find the perfect tiny house, Penny says she will never return to living in a standard-sized home!

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