Chicken’s piano keyboard talent is nothing less than exceptional

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It is common to find cats and dogs that can behave like humans. For example, you can find how dogs can ride a bicycle, or how cats can do something similar. But finding a chicken that plays the piano like a pro is certainly a rare occurrence.

Jokgu has no mice while playing the piano. Jokgu is a chicken and a member of “Flockstars”. She also appeared on the popular reality show America’s Got Talent opposite Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum.

His owner recently shared a moment when Joku was caught playing Puccini’s O Mio Babbino Caro. The talented chicken can play the opera Aria on the piano keyboard. The way Jokgu played that number was truly magical.

Anyone listening to this speech with their eyes closed would definitely not be able to tell that it is a chicken playing on a piano keyboard. The perfect way the chicken was on the claws, it was truly amazing.

There were lights on different keys to guide the chicken. The lights were lit on specially designed keys that the joku had to tap with his beak. Surprisingly, the talented chicken never missed a single note.

The chicken kept track of the waiting period between different posts. In other words, he did not go fast or slow. Instead, he hit the keys at just the right moment to go along with the background music playing for the song.

This was not the first time Jokgu played the piano. However, how he actually manages to play an operatic Aria on a musical instrument proved that he is already used to it and knows very well how to use it. After finishing the performance, its owner bathed the talented bird with a rose.

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