Lazy cat turns into a lightning-fast cheetah when racing dad

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Magnus used to live in an apartment in the city. He had a house cat named Rackarkatten. However, on weekends, Magnus lived in his native house. Rakkarkaten led a mostly lazy life. But when he was outside, he became a completely different cat.

Magnus and his cat almost always went for short walks. But Rakkarkaten always wanted to run to the door on the way back home. So spending time at home was really perfect for the cat to fully exhaust its energy.

Inside, Rakkarkaten was very idle. He ate, slept and only chewed when he was at home. However, he became an extremely active cat when he entered the forest. He loved to explore, study and run across the vast expanse of open fields.

Seeing Rakkarkaten’s interest in running, Magnus decided to definitely race him if possible. So they started running together when she was just 2 years old. During the summer they raced twice a week, in the winter it was two races a month.

The first time they ran, Rakkarkaten was quite surprised that his master took his running too seriously. He especially felt like running when they were close enough to the starting line. Magnus’ fastest recorded run was 60 meters in 5.8 seconds. It’s been almost 12 years since they started competing with each other and Rakkarkaten has never lost.

In the winter, Magnus made sure he never cut his claws so he could get a good grip on the snow while running. Rackarkatten loved to dive into the snow and jump around. But Rakkarkaten loved summer too much. He could run all over the forest, in the fields or on the country road.

Rakkarkaten always looked very cheerful and happy outside. He loved to climb rocks and see and explore new places. When he was 7 years old, Magnus decided to move to their hometown once and for all. He was very happy that he met rakkarkatte in his life. He was a good and funny friend for her. He taught Magnus to spend more time indoors, to slow down and enjoy the forest in all its beauty.

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