ESPN sportscaster’s emotional goodbye to his beloved dog makes tough guys cry

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Just a few years ago, a few people were looking for ways to work from home all the time when everyone else was just isolated. Those who created that news were considered the strongest and most creative.

Instead of a perfect background and a whole track area that had special effects in it, they started working in smaller studios that they were able to create at home. Scott Van Pelt was considered one such sports skater.

He turned a part of his house into his studio and started working like the others. Several journalists who owned pets had a regular audience, and Scott Van Pelt was one of them. Sitting on the leather bed was Otis, Pelt’s best and closest friend.

Otis was a regular panelist on ESPN’s “On SportsCenter.” But recently, an emotional Van Pelt took to his show to talk about his best friend and loyal canine companion. She began to tell how she had gotten Otis just a few weeks after the wedding.

He described his faithful dog as a gentle protector of the family. No matter how much her children circled and climbed over her, this beautiful creature never shouted or got angry at the children or tried to bite them.

He told how Otis greeted him when he got home and how he actually reacted to clawing nails into the floor. Then he could see Otis’ tail spinning like a helicopter. Otis’s only goal in the future was to ask him to treat him well and give him lots of hugs, and then Pelt would be happy to lose.

The ZLM journalist’s emotional tribute received an overwhelmingly positive response from his online followers. Pelt thought he was grateful to have known a loyal and intelligent doggo in his life. He also stated that he is very thankful that Otis is theirs and that they are Otis.

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