Unwanted six-legged puppy named Roo is finally adopted by a bullied teen and now they are best friends

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The topic of bullying is very acute nowadays in many countries. And to become a victim of it means to become an outcast and find yourself in a real social vacuum.

The British teenager felt it all at once. The boy had psoriasis, and he stopped being bullied and ridiculed by his classmates and then the rest of the school. He had no friends, and no one wanted to associate with him.

Luke suffered many times. His illness was already very problematic, and his peer aggression made his life even more unbearable. Bath’s destiny offered him a very pleasant surprise in the form of a friend. Luke dreamed of a dog and often followed advertisements.

So he saw a photo of an unusual pet, which was given away for free due to the presence of physiological features. The guy’s parents agreed to take the dog, and they paid off. Luke named the pet Roo, and loved him very much, despite the fact that the dog had not four, but as many as six paws, and moved in a very funny way.

The veterinarian, having examined Roo, confirmed that the pet was healthy. And that an extra pair of paws did not interfere with its normal functioning in any way. Roo and Luke have become best friends. And this friendship has become really very important to the boy. He finally felt needed and not alone.

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