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Ashes the cat went missing in 2015 and more than 6 years later she was found 1,400 miles away
The ash cat had disappeared in 2015. The hosts searched for him for several weeks in nearby locations but sadly to no avail. The cat was miraculously found
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Teenage girl finds dying of starvation horse on her route and walks with the horse 9 miles back home
This is a very touching story about a brave and kind girl and a horse. Nowadays very seldom people may hear such a courageous act, especially by a teenage girl.
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Mistreated scared dog rescued by a family found comfort and peace in her 1-year-old lovely little friend
Dogs, these tender and caring creatures often help people overcome their difficult moments with their understanding and kindness. And sometimes there are
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The orca got stuck among the rocks and was crying for hours so a group of strangers decided to save him
Caring for and protecting animals is a noble honorable task. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in the world, they’re indifferent to them.
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Max, the Miniature Schnauzer, lost for 2 years is reunited with his family just in time for Christmas
More than two years ago, little schnuzer Max, who lived with his family in El Paso, Texas, ran through an open gate and got lost. His master, Jessenia
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Chinese miracle – panda puppies, completely similar to real panda bears, were born from an ordinary mongrel
In a small Chinese village in Jiangxu province, three cubs were born looking like panda cubs. The mother of these wonderful cubs has been mingled with
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This ‘bizarre’ creature is a giant sunfish spotted by two friends while paddling near off California shoreline
Two friends decided to row, but in addition to them, one of their acquaintances was waiting. They encountered huge fish. Rich German and Matt Wheaton live
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The cat owner couldn’t hold her tears after learning where was her cat going, leaving her kittens
This touching story immediately spread throughout the world through social networks. It proves once again that our four-legged friends are much more merciful
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Dog didn’t despair and stubbornly dragged the heavy package to the very doorstep
There are a lot of dogs on the streets of Bangkok, but there is one dog—the u is very simple and common.Local people refer to these dogs as “
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Meet Hansel, the first pit bull arson detection K-9 in the US, who was rescued from participating in dog fights
The puppy, named Hansel, was rescued from participating in dog fights. Now the dog is helping American firefighters fight fires and find arson.