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Madness in the USA: a photo selection of different shoppers in supermarkets
There are times that we are used to see each moment on their strangers with their strangers and extraordinary self-destruction. Based on all this, we have
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A talented nine-year-old boy paints stunning animal portraits, exchanging them for food and medicine for animal shelters
9-year-old Pavel Abramov from city of Arzamas, Russia, decided to start helping a shelter for dogs. To feed all the animals there (about 100) a day, it
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Meet Hansel, the first pit bull arson detection K-9 in the US, who was rescued from participating in dog fights
The puppy, named Hansel, was rescued from participating in dog fights. Now the dog is helping American firefighters fight fires and find arson.
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Selfless man known as “the cat man of Aleppo” risks his life in a war zone to care for over 200 abandoned cats
The Syrian city of Aleppo is now probably one of the most dangerous places on our planet. While many residents left their homes to escape the war, one
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Smart puppy gets lost and decides to go to his veterinary clinic and waits for help there to get home
A four-month-old puppy, Khyu Ngner, left the owner and was lost during a walk. A missing dog in Thailand has come to a familiar veterinary clinic to help
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The Ohio county sheriff and his tiny police dog were inseparable, they died the same day and were buried together
Dan McClelland was 67 years old who served in the police force in Gyauga County, Ohio, for 44 years and worked as a sheriff for 13 years.
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The kitten clings to the sanitation workers who at the very last moment rescued him from the garbage bag
William Montero and John Case empty the trash boxes, which he did during each shift. However, one day the flap that appeared in the bag surprised them
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A dog behaved strangely because he felt that something was wrong and as a result he saved his 89-year-old neighbor’s life
On St. Patrick’s Day, Rob Jerry went for a walk with his Great Dane. When Mr. Jerry took the pet out of the house, the dog behaved as usual.
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Meet Chris Barnes, an Australian hero, who devoted his entire life to rescuing orphaned kangaroos in his homeland
Chris Barnes is the hero of the day in Australia. To his credit, there are more than 30 rescued kangaroos left without parental care. The Kangaroos were
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The adorable Corgi born with one eye and two noses was saved from euthanasia and now is living her best life defying the odds
Korgi Nekku was born with numerous pathological diseases. She had a nearby eye, but she developed two noses and a function of her spinal cord.