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A couple have been reunited with their missing cat 10 years after he disappeared from their canal boat home
A ginger cat named Big Ginge didn’t return home. This happened in 2011. For a long time, the owners had been waiting for their pet until they announced its loss.
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Artists paint portraits of stray dogs and the pictures make them positively irresistible, so they find forever homes
To help stray dogs find a loving family, artists paint their portraits. Finished artworks are placed in supermarkets and other crowded areas.
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Officer Saby, a German Shepherd, saved the life of a 90-year-old woman with dementia lost in the forest
Saby is a wonderful dog with a brave heart. He serves in the police, and he had to complete another task together with his friend – an officer named Dustin.
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A kind teenage girl wins an essay competition and donates a $ 50,000 prize to the shelter where her cat used to live
A 13-year-old girl wrote an exciting essay about her cat and earned her $50,000 (U.S.). He was able to rescue other animals from the shelter.
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The couple’s rescue dog behaved strangely and led to a three-year-old girl lying balled up and totally naked in a ditch
The story is about how a dog was taken from a shelter, he saved a little girl in Michigan became one of the most controversial among Facebook users.
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Unwanted six-legged puppy named Roo is finally adopted by a bullied teen and now they are best friends
The topic of bullying is very acute nowadays in many countries. And to become a victim of it means to become an outcast and find yourself in a real social vacuum.
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Woman visits the shelter’s Facebook page and sees her beloved cat that went missing two years ago
Jimmy’s cat had been leaving his family for three years until the Facebook social platform helped reunite. Jimmy’s master, Zelitski, was a
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This Texas ranch is using the healing power of horses to help veterans of the military find peace
Knapp served in Afghanistan. Realizing how difficult it was to return, he created the restoration ranch. Returning to peace could be a difficult test for