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Thanks to a smiling, sweet kitty, all the cats at the orphanage got a chance to be adopted
Understand what it takes to have more than a million likes and a million retweets for your picture. You just have to smile at the right time.
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The owners did not understand why the dog did not move away from the pit. Later the reason was found out
The dog was lying on the ground near the hole and was looking at it carefully. The owners were amazed at what might lure the animal to the hole in the
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Woman With Enormous Pregnant Belly Gives A Painful Birth
Chris Corbit, 29, is no stranger to giving birth to older children. As we can see, Chrissy’s first two children weighed approximately 9-10 kilograms
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Railway cats: how stray cats saved the Diorama restaurant in Japan from from closing because of the Pandemic
In Japan, Naoki Teraoka almost lost his restaurant business due to financial difficulties. But the homeless cats helped him escape. In 2018, Naoka Terraoka
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Rejected by his herd sick baby elephant found comfort and high spirit in former service dog 
Elephants are known for their high intellect. They are also highly social animals, who are flourishing in their herd. Eli met a little elephant, whose
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Family has an unexpected reunion when a veterinarian calls to report their lost dog was found after more than 11 years
The story happened in the British village of Buckland Newton. The Jack Russell Terrier ran away from home back in 2010. The dog named Crumpet was then
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NZ conservation dog, who saved 1700 kiwi birds from extinction, now has gone on a well-deserved rest
Rain has been searching for Kiwi birds for nearly 11 years. Now the four-legged animal has passed a dignified rest. Iain Graham has helped to conserve
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In Nagaland, the elusive clouded panther, which is not often seen by people, was captured on camera
On the border between India and Myanmar, he managed to capture an amazing animal with a camera that is rarely found, and there are those who are unaware
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This family of five was saved by an 8-month-old heroic puppy that woke them up during a fire
This family of five people rescued an 8-month-old puppy, rescued by Anandaveli, who awoke from the smell of fire. The Malaysian dog rescued his relatives
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Dog was sitting on the car and did not let anyone close: the stolen car was returned to the owner with a new friend
A boy’s car was stolen at a party with friends. He was informed of this by his four-legged faithful friend. A boy named Vitor Mangino came to a party