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This Texas ranch is using the healing power of horses to help veterans of the military find peace
Knapp served in Afghanistan. Realizing how difficult it was to return, he created the restoration ranch. Returning to peace could be a difficult test for
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This tiny cute puppy was born with green fur and was named Pistachio by his owners
Mother Nature always finds ways to surprise us in the most unexpected way. This time, an Italian farmer named Cristian Mallocci raised eyebrows in amazement.
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Little puppy was found under the bridge with mouth taped shut and he was saved thanks to a caring man
A resident of Griffith, Bob Hoelter, was walking to the store on a cold evening. Usually the man gets there by car, but on that day he made a fateful walk.
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Sick puppy was left to die in a bucket, but six months later he became the employee of the month in the police
Last summer, animal volunteers in Surrey, UK, were called to an abandoned house where four spaniel puppies had been left in a bucket. The babies were in
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Indonesian authorities have rescued the world’s rarest rabbit after it was seen on Facebook after a farmer posted it
The Sumatran striped rabbit is the rarest of its kind. It was recently rescued in Indonesia thanks to a Facebook post that was noticed by random people.
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Dog stranded on ice for four days after coyote chase finds forever home with his rescuer
In the middle of the Detroit River, several passers-by noticed a small curly dog ​​sitting on an ice floe. He was obviously very cold and could not get
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Three of the dog lifeguards in service at the Italian sea resort saved the lives of 14 people, including 8 children
The incident took place in the municipality of Sperlonga, which is located between Rome and Naples. Rescue dogs brought 3 families back to shore, who were
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German Shepherd was stolen in broad daylight but found his way home 14 months later
A three-year-old German Shepherd named Rico disappeared in June 2019. According to his owners, Natasha Jones and George Harden, the dog ran out of the
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Lucky photographer was surprised when the cheetah quietly came closer and hugged him
Sasan Amir, a 27-year-old photographer and filmmaker from Germany, is a frequent visitor to the African savannah. There he takes wonderful pictures and
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Cat returns home with a note in his collar – the owner discovers that he has a secret second life
It is believed that dogs are more attached to humans than cats – they have a very independent disposition. But this case refutes all our knowledge about cats.