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The wolf came to ask for food and the forester felt sorry for her. Two months later, three wolves came to the village and thanked the man.
One winter evening, Stepan, a forester, heard noises near the fence and went out to the threshold of the house and saw a skinny wolf. He thought for a
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The Olympic champion knits cute dog sweaters in the bleachers during the diving competition
British athlete Tom Dale was a gold medalist for his brilliant performance of synchronized diving. But this was not the only case in which he attracted
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A little village girl ran through the snow with a puppy on her back to show her dog to the vet
One day veterinarian Ogun Öztürk had to visit the Turkish village of Dzpelit to treat a sick cow. He terminated the case fairly quickly, and he intended
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The owner couldn’t do anything to help her horse, stuck in a quagmire, but she didn’t leave her pet until the last moment
On Sunday evening, as usual, Nicole Graham rode her horse on her way home. Everything started well, the sun was warming and the wind was blowing, there
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Thanks to a smiling, sweet kitty, all the cats at the orphanage got a chance to be adopted
Understand what it takes to have more than a million likes and a million retweets for your picture. You just have to smile at the right time.
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The owners did not understand why the dog did not move away from the pit. Later the reason was found out
The dog was lying on the ground near the hole and was looking at it carefully. The owners were amazed at what might lure the animal to the hole in the
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Woman With Enormous Pregnant Belly Gives A Painful Birth
Chris Corbit, 29, is no stranger to giving birth to older children. As we can see, Chrissy’s first two children weighed approximately 9-10 kilograms
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Railway cats: how stray cats saved the Diorama restaurant in Japan from from closing because of the Pandemic
In Japan, Naoki Teraoka almost lost his restaurant business due to financial difficulties. But the homeless cats helped him escape. In 2018, Naoka Terraoka
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Rejected by his herd sick baby elephant found comfort and high spirit in former service dog 
Elephants are known for their high intellect. They are also highly social animals, who are flourishing in their herd. Eli met a little elephant, whose
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Family has an unexpected reunion when a veterinarian calls to report their lost dog was found after more than 11 years
The story happened in the British village of Buckland Newton. The Jack Russell Terrier ran away from home back in 2010. The dog named Crumpet was then