12-year-old performs “Dance Monkey” with so much swagger the judges can’t say no

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Unfortunately, I did not see how he performed. For such a sweet and calm person during the conversation, he inspires great confidence on the stage.

Children’s singers are not uncommon on talent shows like America’s Got Talent.

The young boys and girls have tried many times to impress the judges of the show due to their skills.

There are some cases when they succeed, while several times the judges were not really so enthusiastic and asked them to work hard and come back at least a few years later, when their voice will have the right education.

But sometimes, they’ll suprise you

Sometimes there are children you just can not ignore. Little boys and girls whose talent is innate and you can not accept the fact that they are designed to do just that.

Her talant was instantly obvious.

Even the first few words made it clear that he really had the talent to do it.

The song he chose was Dance Monkey, and his performance was not at all like the one we had heard before.

See Annie work her feet for the Golden Buzzer below!

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